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How to get to our office from Airports

Miami international airport :
Please call 269-304-5377

Fort Lauderdale international airport :
Please call 269-304-5377

Orlando international airport :
Once you are ready for pick up please go to the GROUND FLOOR stops (A11,A12,A13) or (B11,B12,B13) and call us at  269-304-5377, so we can send our transportation for you.


Can I use my international driver's license?
Valid drivers licenses issued in your state or country is acceptable as well as international licenses.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, insurance is required by state law, if you plan to use your personal auto insurance you will need to bring a written insurance letter to prove that our vehicle will be covered during the rental period. You will also need to have coverage up to 1 million dollars for possible expenses incurred to third parties without exception. Rent a car 4 Less only accepts the following insurances: Geico, Allstate, State Farm and Progressive. (Charges apply when using your Personal Insurance)

What are your age requirements?
You have to be at least 21 years of age.


Do you pick up at the airports?
Yes, we pick up from the airport and deliver to the airport.

Do you pick up at the port?
Yes, we pick up from the port and deliver to the port.Some charges may apply.

Do you deliver at the hotels?
Yes, we do deliver at hotels but customer needs to be present to sign your rental contract.Some charges may apply.

Method of payment

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay cash, credit card and debit card.

If I only have a debit card or cash, can I rent it?
Yes. We only accept deposits in debit card or cash to tourists who present their passport (Some charges apply).

Can I use another persons credit card for renting a vehicle?
Yes, but the card holder must present themselves with proper i.d. to sign the rental contract.(and we charge additional driver)


Do I need a deposit?
Yes. A deposit is required for security reasons. The amount of the deposit requested will be returned to your card once we have received the vehicle, it may take up to 30 days to be reflected in your bank account.

How much is the deposit?
The amount of the deposit depends on the page on which the reservation is made, as well as the type of insurance purchased. This can vary between :( $ 1 dollar and $ 5000 ).

Type of vehicles

What type of cars do you have?
We have economy, compact, mid size, full size, convertibles, vans, SUVs and some exotic cars.

Do you have automatic or stick shift cars?
We have automatic cars and stick shift cars, make sure you ask for a stick shift in advance. Since most of our cars are automatic.

Do you have air conditioned cars?
Yes, all our cars have air conditioning.

Do you rent cars by the hour?
Yes, cars can be rented by the hour.


Do you offer accessories with your rentals?
Yes. We have accessories that can be rented together with the vehicles. The accessories are: seats for babies or infants (Children under 5 years old must have one to be able to withdraw the vehicle from our office, in the case of not having it, they must rent it), cell phones, Wi-Fi and GPS navigation systems.

Additional charges

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?
Yes, additional charges apply when rental vehicle is to be driven by more than one person.

Is there an additional charge for fuel?
Fuel must be brought back the same way it was given to you.

Is there an additional charge for underage?
Yes, it only applies to customers that are 21-24 years old.

Frequent questions

Can I use my own tolls service?
No. Rent a car 4 Less does not accept the use of toll systems other than those installed by the car rental company. It is mandatory to activate a toll plan when picking up the vehicle.

What happens if I show up late for my reservation?
All reservations after hours that come from third-party sites are subject to availability and rate change without notice, we only respect the deadlines stipulated in the contracts for such page. Rent a car 4 Less only GUARANTEES rate and availability to reservations made on our website directly.

Can I drive unlimited miles?
Yes you can drive unlimited miles in the state of Florida .(Florida resident can only drive 50 miles a day extra miles will be charge $1.19)


Can I drive out-of-state?
Vehicles can only be within the state. Contact us for additional fee to take vehicles out-of-state.

Monthly Special

If I rent a vehicle for a month can I get a good price?
Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month and receive a special offer.


Can you improve my quote from any internet portal?
Yes. You can contact us and we will improve a minimum of 10% of any quote that you may have if you rent directly with us.

Returning vehicles

If I have a flight leaving during your closing hours, is there anywhere I can leave your vehicle?
Yes, we have a drop off service. Let us know in advance for instructions on where to leave your vehicle.Some charges may apply.